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Experiences in Port Douglas

Baron River

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Flowing from the Atheron Tablelands inland from Cairns, the Baron River stretches for 165km across far northern Queensland before finally emptying into the Pacific Ocean.

While this river has caused a lot of headaches for the people of Cairns and surrounding areas, mostly through flooding, it is also a major recreation area

Whitewater rafting is hugely popular up here, and the Barron River present several exhilarating runs to suit various levels of skill and experience. Rafting down the Barron is a supreme adrenaline rush, and once everyone's exhausted you can cool off with a refreshing swim in Lake Placid. (Don't worry – it's not the Lake Placid from the movie).

The Baron River is also an excellent place for bushwalking and exploring on foot. Some breath-taking natural scenery can be found along the way. One of the most notable sites is Barron Gorge, a steep and narrow crevice in the Earth, formed over thousands of years by rushing water from the Barron River. Today there are two impressive waterfalls at the gorge, fed by tributaries of the main river.

Barron River is one of the great waterways of northern Queensland. Any visit to Cairns should include a hair-raising rafting session on the river, or at least a nice long walk to admire the scenery.

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