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Cooktown is the northernmost settlement on the east coast of Australia, and the gateway to Queensland's extremely remote Cape York region. This town of only 2000 people is the base for those venturing off into the depths of Cape York by 4WD.


There's plenty to see and do around the town itself though, and you could happily spend a few days in Cooktown en route to the Cape York Peninsula.

Cooktown is historically significant. The town is named after Captain James Cook, who lead to the first British expedition to Australia in 1770. Cook and his crew came ashore at the site of Cooktown after damaging their boat, the Endeavour, on the reef further south. This was the first contact between the British explorers and the Aboriginal population, and kangaroos were seen by European eyes for the first time on Cooktown's Grassy Hill. The James Cook Museum provides a fascinating insight into the very earliest days of British exploration and settlement in Australia.

If you prefer to spend your day outside in the sunshine, the fishing opportunities in Cooktown are second to none. On the outer reef you can fish for the legendary black marlin, and closer to shore you'll find coral trout, red emperor, trevally and a whole lot more.

Whether you're about embark on a Cape York adventure, or simply looking to enjoy the pleasures of far northern Queensland, Cooktown is an unmissable destination.


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