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Kuranda Scenic Railway

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The Kuranda Scenic Railway is one of the world's most beautiful train journeys. The twice daily service departs from Cairns and snake along the mountainous 25km track to Kuranda. Spectacular views of dense rainforest and gushing waterfalls await the traveller at every bend in the track. The train journey includes an audio commentary, and passengers learn a great deal about the area as they progress toward Kuranda.

The Kuranda Scenic Railway

The colourful history of this railway is interwoven with the tales of Queensland's early pioneers as the struggled the build the modern state. In desperate need of a supply line between Cairns and the remote mining areas around Herberton, the premier of Queensland commissioned the hasty construction of a railway line. It was no easy feat. Without modern machinery or safety equipment, a track was carved through dense forest and extremely steep terrain.

Several men lost their lives during the railway's construction, and it remains today one of Australia's most magnificent feats of engineering.
The Kuranda Scenic Railway has long since been retired as a supply route, and today it exists purely as a tourist attraction. Combining the novelty of train travel with the incredible scenery of the Cairns area, the Kuranda Scenic Railway is an absolute must-do for anyone visiting the region.


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