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Port Douglas weather is typically tropical, and not that different to its larger neighbour Cairns, an hour’s drive to the south. The tourism hotspot experiences two seasons: hot and humid Summers and cooler and dry Winters and its superb climate is a hit with overseas travelers. There is no Spring or Autumn with the wet season beginning in December and continuing until March or even April.

Rainfall during the wet can be extreme with thunderstorms and the occasional tropical cyclone.

A massive storm hit the town on March 16, 1911, leaving just seven houses standing as it swept in from the sea, flattening nearby Mossman and also causing severe damage in Cairns.

The average daily temperature during Summer is 31C but beware, humidity can be extremely high - and uncomfortable.
The arrival of Autumn is hardly noticeable, the only major difference being a drop in rainfall and slight fall in humidity.
Winter though is much more enjoyable.

From June to August rainfall is very low, the temperatures average 26C, there are clear sunny days and evenings are cool and pleasant ideal for al fresco dining. The humidity is low and this is by far the best time to visit.

Springtime is another ‘non-season’ in the tropics and is very similar to Autumn.

Daytime temperatures start to warm up, with averages of 30C and the humidity returns, creating typical sultry tropical days - and nights.
For those wishing to swim sea temperatures can vary between 23C in winter to 28C in summer, although the arrival of deadly jellyfish in November keeps most residents - and visitors - out of the ocean.

Click here for the official weather forecast from the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology.



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